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Spiritual Journeys

Maybe you hunger to grow closer to God? Maybe you love Art, which is also a way of prayer and turning to God. Many quotations of Saints accompanies here work of modern-day living figurative artists, whose art expresses the message of Christ more effectively than most so-called “contemporary” or commercial painters. A book to lead one on a spiritual journey towards God’s presence.

Many Christians are recognizing that God is calling us to reclaim the Arts and renew them in the churches. The question is here posed, in a separate chapter, whether a dialogue between Art and the Church is possible today.

Book Coming Soon
The cover of a book titled Spiritual Journeys

Example Uses of an Image

National Eucharistic Congress (Costa Rica, 2013)
Feast of Corpus Christi (Spain, 2013)

Example Invitations

France, 2011
Finland, 2016

Example Posters

Finland, 2016 / Layout: Hanna Suihko
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