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Aurore III

Hélène Legrand

Frace, 2011

The Faces of Christ Collection: Modern Christian Art

Significant Christian Works from Modern-Day Artists

Does today's Christian art invite the viewer to a life of virtue and a quest for the good? 

Does it open to a path leading to Heaven? 

Does it lift the viewer out of his ordinary life and lead his mind to higher things?

One may honestly ask whether most of today's Christian art satisfies these aims and establishes a continuity with centuries of belief and worship.

The Faces of Christ Collection seeks to highlight the work of modern-day artists whose art expresses the message of Christ more effectively than most "contemporary" or "commercial/financial" art.

In an age where the image has become the king of communication, these paintings hold great power to communicate not only the truth of Christ's passion and death, but also the hope of His glorious resurrection.

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